300 Hours of Writing, and Other Articles from Paper Palaces

Happy Saturday! It's been a few days since I've posted, as I have been working busily on updating the Paper Palaces site. Below is a list of articles from Paper Palaces. I will keep this list on the Paper Palaces website here. These are some of the most viewed and liked posts from my site. For … Continue reading 300 Hours of Writing, and Other Articles from Paper Palaces

Gratitude – Paper Palaces Has Reached Over 50 Wordpress Followers

This is a note of gratitude for readers of Paper Palaces and Curtis Writes Books. Thanks! I'm grateful. My blog, PaperPalacesBlog.com, has gained over 50 WordPress followers. Over the past six months, I've connected with many writers on WordPress: book reviewers, travelers, armchair historians, and academics alike. I want to take this moment to thank you … Continue reading Gratitude – Paper Palaces Has Reached Over 50 WordPress Followers

31 Questions to Help You Embrace the Challenges of Time-Consuming Work and Commitments

If you find yourself busy, these questions may help you through:

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Work consumes time, and sometimes we need to work outside of our average professional day or work week. Whether your task is creative, administrative, organizational, manual, or a combination of the above, any one of these 31 questions may help. I hope they inspire you to embrace the challenges of your job, hobby, or side-hustle.

Even taking a silent minute to mentally answer or reflect on one of these questions may change your day.


It’s 6:00am on a Saturday, and I’m up. I have always been a little bit of an early bird, but today, I wake up early to have a long, reflective morning.

Throughout the week, I worked with my middle school students on picking books for an upcoming unit of study, graded papers, and participated in a variety of meetings. During my early-morning hours and after-school time, I worked out,  wrote for this blog, wrote fiction, and…

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A Bubbling Community of Readers – Why the 7-Day Reading Challenge Works for So Many People

I'm excited about the next seven days. I am rebuilding my reading habit, and I've invited other people to do so over Instagram, Twitter, and WordPress. The 7-Day Reading challenge is attracting a variety of readers, and it is my hope that we will have a reading community that bubbles with enthusiasm.   Over the … Continue reading A Bubbling Community of Readers – Why the 7-Day Reading Challenge Works for So Many People

The 7-Day Reading Challenge Starts Soon. Are you in?

Are you in? #ReadWithCurtis

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There is an easy way to build a consistent reading habit, and it starts with a few simple steps.


What is the 7-Day Reading Challenge?

  • The #ReadWithCurtis 7-Day Reading Challenge is an event, starting in May 2018.
  • Readers from every walk of life pick up books for 20 minutes in their day.
  • The goal is to enjoy reading every day for seven days, thereby fostering a new habit, or strengthening an old one.

There are only two rules to the 7-Day Reading Challenge:

  1. Read for 20 minutes a day.
  2. After you read, post about what you read on Instagram, Twitter, or your blog, using the hashtag #ReadWithCurtis.

Posts can contain any information about the reading. They can be any length, and contain any content that is relevant to the person posting.

How can I participate in the challenge?

It’s simple. Start reading on, before, or after Monday, May 7th, 2018…

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#ReadWithCurtis – 3 Reasons Why You Should Take the 7-Day Reading Challenge

From May 7th - May 14th, you are welcome to participate in a simple reading and posting challenge. If you're a blogger on WordPress, or a bookworm that loves Instagram and Twitter, you should consider taking the challenge. Start early, on time, or after the official days. Your seven days are up to you. I will post during the official dates on Instagram and WordPress using the hashtag #ReadWithCurtis.