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Hi! I’m Curtis.

I am a storyteller, a writer, and a teacher. Over the course of my lifetime, I want to write as many books as I possibly can, sharing the highs and lows of the writing process via my blog, You can read latest posts here.


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I hope to inspire my students, and anyone else, to tell their own stories, no matter how large and complex they are. If you want to know more, read my about page.

You can learn more about the Curtis Writes Books project and all related projects below.

What is Curtis Writes Books?


CurtisWritesBooks is writing project centered around storytelling, writing, and the creative process.

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Current Projects:



I am currently working on two related pieces of fiction: The Witch’s Uprising and The Staghorn Crown.  Both books are part of a larger twelve-novel saga (The Staghorn Crown Quintet, and A Thousand Watchful Eyes). See my blog or Patreon for the process of creating these books.

All twelve books are medieval-inspired fantasy intended for a young adult audience, but the content appeals to any reader interested in a good story.

Short Stories

As of April 2018, I am drafting a story for Patrons entitled The Face-Changer’s Last Mistake. This story takes place in the same fictional world as my twelve-novel saga.



In the next five years, I plan on making a collection of family stories, particularly ones that capture my mother’s childhood experiences in the Philippines and the uniqueness of growing up half-American and half-Filipino. I am in the pre-writing / research phase.

Reading Challenges

From May 7th- May 14th, 2018 – I launched my 7-Day Reading Challenge over Instagram, Twitter, and WordPress. Read more about it here.

Future Projects:

Other Media

CurtisWritesBooks Podcast

Eventually, I would like to start a podcast that accompanies my blog posts on Paper Palaces, my work on Patreon, general tips and tricks for writers, and audio recordings of passages from my written work.

CurtisWritesBooks Youtube

This is something I am willing to experiment with; however, I prefer to communicate through writing. The videos would only serve as complementary material to the blog, podcast, and Patreon, serving as a medium for delivering behind-the-scenes content.

An Illustrated Anthology of Short Stories or Novellas

Someday, when I have enough fantasy material, I would like to create an anthology of short stories and works in collaboration with artists that I know.

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