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Three youths face an everchanging world.

Near the altar by Garrin’s Green, a shapeshifter kidnaps a baby, forcing nineteen-year-old Aurelia to unravel the mystery behind the child’s disappearance.

Farther north, in the walled city of Whitshore, a twelve-year-old girl named Harlowe dreams of becoming a knight, but day by day she discovers the complications she has inherited from her family.

When an actor’s troupe travels to Chalice Point, a terrible accident occurs. Fourteen-year-old Bryar seeks the power to avenge the death of a loved one, no matter the cost.

In a world where darkness can take any form, and strangers can shift their shape, swords clash and dark magic rises.

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Curtis is a teacher, moonlighting as a fantasy novelist.

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Here is an excerpt from the first chapter of Threadbare, one of my current fantasy novel projects.



If there was any mistake worth remembering, it was when Wylla found the dragon. At least, that’s what Wylla wanted to remember. She could gladly cast the other memories in the sea.

Too many times, her clumsy footsteps betrayed her; too many times, her fingers fumbled, leaving pages torn in books or broken bits of glass across the floor. She even made the deathly mistake of falling asleep too close to the Darkwood near her home, and her mother never forgave her.

The village had already lost five good men to the Darkwood, including Wylla’s father. Her mother wouldn’t lose her daughter too, even if half the village hoped for Wylla to disappear.

A cursed girl. That’s what they called her.  Her mother would also have nothing to do with the word curse.


Wylla’s mother would also never forgive their lord, Lord Dregnar.

Despite Wylla’s trying to forget, she always remembered the story… how Lord Dregnar’s foolish ways stole her father from them. It was Dregnar’s fault, and he apologized not once but twice, paying every wife and mother a year’s bounty, but just a year and nothing more.

Wylla and her mother scraped by… Years of ragged clothes and hardly any food to eat. If Wylla could cast a spell to forget those years, she would. She would forget all her clumsiness too, and the story of the Darkwood. But she would not forget the dragon.

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