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The Saga of Brylennia

Over the last few years, I have mapped out a twelve-book saga. Each book takes place in the realm of Brylennia. There’s a larger story to be told, and if I write the story correctly, it will span twelve books!

Within the saga, there are two main storylines:

  1. The main series storyline: A Thousand Watchful Eyes 
  2. The prequel series storyline: Swords of the Sisterhood

Readers can enjoy each set of books separately. However, I believe the story is much richer if read as a whole saga.

Here are the books in chronological order. Keep in mind, these are working titles!

Swords of the Sisterhood

  • The Staghorn Crown
  • Rhea: Curse of the Witch Queen
  • Quinn: Shield of the Stone Coast
  • Celesa: Beyond the Seventh Gate
  • Tava: A Prophecy

A Thousand Watchful Eyes

  • The Witch’s Uprising
  • Dagger of the North
  • Year of the Forged Crown


  • A Touch of Fire
  • The Witch Queen’s Plea
  • The Hunted Swordsman


  • The Hands That Heals
  • The Shattered Sword
  • Age of Dreams

The Witch’s Uprising


The Witch's Uprising: Part One | ✓

In The Witch’s Uprising, A warrior, an orphan, and a mercenary uncover unsettling truths after a shapeshifter kidnaps a baby.

Aurelia thinks her days of violence were over until she witnesses a supernatural kidnapping. Harlowe dreams of becoming a knight, but a Witch Queen shows her a different path. Bryar seeks the power to avenge the death of a loved one, no matter the cost.

Cover art by Lorenna Lamar.

Update – October 2018

90,000 Words Later – What I learned from writing a fantasy novel.

The Witch’s Uprising is currently a 94,000-word manuscript. I will begin querying agents soon.  When published, you can read it as a standalone novel, or as the first book for A Thousand Watchful Eyes.