The Witch’s Uprising


The Witch's Uprising: Part One | ✓

A warrior, an orphan, and a mercenary uncover unsettling truths after a shapeshifter kidnaps a baby.

Aurelia thinks her days of violence were over until she witnesses a supernatural kidnapping. Harlowe dreams of becoming a knight, but a Witch Queen shows her a different path. Bryar seeks the power to avenge the death of a loved one, no matter the cost.

Cover art by Lorenna Lamar.

The Witch’s Uprising can be read as a standalone novel, or as the first book of  A Thousand Watchful Eyes.

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The Saga of Brylennia



Over the last few years, I have mapped out a twelve-book saga. Each book takes place in the realm of Brylennia. There’s a larger story to be told, and if I write the story correctly, it will span twelve books!

Within the saga, there are two main storylines:

  1. The main series storyline: A Thousand Watchful Eyes 
  2. The prequel series storyline: Swords of the Sisterhood

I also write short stories for fun, and many of them take place in the same world as these books. “The Face-Changer’s Last Mistake” is one short story of that nature.

Readers can enjoy each set of books separately. However, I believe the story is much richer if read as a whole saga. Here are the books in chronological order. Keep in mind, these are working titles! As I find a way to publish each book, I will change the titles accordingly.

Swords of the Sisterhood

  • The Staghorn Crown
  • Rhea: Curse of the Witch Queen
  • Quinn: Shield of the Stone Coast
  • Celesa: Beyond the Seventh Gate
  • Tava: A Prophecy

A Thousand Watchful Eyes

  • The Witch’s Uprising
  • Dagger of the North
  • Year of the Forged Crown


  • A Touch of Fire
  • The Witch Queen’s Plea
  • The Hunted Swordsman


  • The Hands That Heals
  • The Shattered Sword
  • Age of Dreams

Where can we read these books?

Currently, The Witch’s Uprising is the only book close to being completely published. The Staghorn Crown is available in installments, as it is written, via Patreon.

There are two ways you can help me make these books a reality.