Book blogs worth following. . . What are your thoughts?

Do you follow any book review blogs? Do you write a book review blog? What’s worth reading? If you can answer any of these questions, I welcome your feedback in this week’s questions to readers.


This Morning’s Paper Palaces Post

I just wrote a post this morning about Day Two of the 7-Day Reading challenge.

In today’s Paper Palaces post, I mentioned two bloggers who write book reviews. I wanted to ask any of my followers this week three simple questions:

Question for This Week

Do you follow any book review blogs?

Do you write a book review blog?

What’s worth reading?

Featuring Blogs / Vlogs

I’d like to compile a list of new and noteworthy book review blogs, interesting long-standing book review blogs, bloggers who consider themselves bibliophiles, and anyone else worth reading on the net.

Please let me know if you have any ideas in the comments below, or direct message me on Twitter or Instagram (links below).



Let’s Connect!

Do you follow any book review blogs? Do you write a book review blog? What’s worth reading?


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A Bubbling Community of Readers – Why the 7-Day Reading Challenge Works for So Many People

I’m excited about the next seven days. I am rebuilding my reading habit, and I’ve invited other people to do so over Instagram, Twitter, and WordPress.

The 7-Day Reading challenge is attracting a variety of readers, and it is my hope that we will have a reading community that bubbles with enthusiasm.


Over the next week, I urge you to participate in the 7-Day Reading Challenge. Here are the rules:

  1. Read every day for 20 minutes, for seven days.
  2. Post about what you read on Instagram, Twitter, or your blog, using the hashtag #ReadWithCurtis.

Feel free to post this image on your blog or other social media for others to know about the event:

#ReadWithCurtis (1)

My Role in the Challenge

I am both hosting and participating in this event through my, Instagram, and Twitter. In addition to the two rules outlined above, I have offered tips and guidelines to use throughout the week.

I will post my own responses via Instagram, Twitter, and WordPress, including daily tasks, bonus challenges, polls, and questions for those of you who want a more interaction and more challenge.

You can connect with me via Instagram (@CurtisWritesBooks) and Twitter (@staghorncrown).


Here are the bonus themes for each day at a glance.

You can use them or completely ignore them. This reading challenge works for so many people because of its versatility. Make it your own!

  • Monday: How did you start your week of reading?
  • Tuesday: What has gone well so far? What’s next?
  • Wednesday: What resonates with you from your reading?
  • Thursday: The Strangest Thing You Have Read
  • Friday: Connect With Another Reader
  • Saturday: Binge Read or Taste Books
  • Sunday: Reconnect with Yourself. How did the challenge go?

Remember to use the hashtag #ReadWithCurtis so we can see what you are reading!

What can I do today?

Since it is the day before the challenge, there is no official prompt. However, if you are moved to write a post, snap a picture of a book, or share an article via Twitter, feel free to start early!

For example, here’s a picture of a stack of books I may choose from this week:


I hope to see you participating!


Do you want your blog or Instagram post featured during this challenge? Add a link back to this page or link to the #ReadWithCurtis guidelines article.

Read all of my 7-Day Challenge Articles here.


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