The 7-Day Reading Challenge Starts Soon. Are you in?

Are you in? #ReadWithCurtis

Paper Palaces

There is an easy way to build a consistent reading habit, and it starts with a few simple steps.


What is the 7-Day Reading Challenge?

  • The #ReadWithCurtis 7-Day Reading Challenge is an event, starting in May 2018.
  • Readers from every walk of life pick up books for 20 minutes in their day.
  • The goal is to enjoy reading every day for seven days, thereby fostering a new habit, or strengthening an old one.

There are only two rules to the 7-Day Reading Challenge:

  1. Read for 20 minutes a day.
  2. After you read, post about what you read on Instagram, Twitter, or your blog, using the hashtag #ReadWithCurtis.

Posts can contain any information about the reading. They can be any length, and contain any content that is relevant to the person posting.

How can I participate in the challenge?

It’s simple. Start reading on, before, or after Monday, May 7th, 2018…

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